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       The IT Crowd:

The Complete Series         review by Bobby Blakey

Before the US saw Richard Ayoade in the comedy The Watch or Chris O’Dowd in Bridesmaids these two funny men starred together in the hit UK series The IT Crowd for four seasons from 2006 – 2010. After the series ended they shot a special episode finale in 2013 that sadly was never released in the US until now. Now MPI Media is bringing The IT Crowd: The Complete Series to DVD.

The series follows the IT department of Reynholm Industries including Roy, uber-nerd Moss and technically clueless middle manager Jen. As they work tirelessly to solve the most mundane of technical issues and navigate the corporate landscape, they must also troubleshoot their own uniquely unusual personal lives. The show follows a pretty standard sitcom format, but unlike most manages to bring the laughs every episode. What makes this show so much more entertaining than most is that it never fully grounds itself in reality and takes the characters in numerous ridiculously unbelievable situations. These could have easily ruined the show, but they are all so perfectly executed that you buy right into every moment and laugh right along with it. The biggest contributor to its success is the great chemistry of everyone involved. There are a ton of great characters throughout the show, but it all comes down to O’Dowd, Ayoade and Katherine Parkinson for it to work and it does that to perfection.

There are a lot of jokes that are likely a lot funnier to members of real IT departments around the world, but even they are still pretty funny all the time. For the first time in a long time I found myself laughing out loud numerous times throughout the four seasons of this show and can easily see this as a series worth checking out more than once. The little seen in the US finale that is included in this set for the first time is the perfect cap to an already perfect series and will no doubt excite fans to return to the world of IT one last time before heading back into the whole series once again.  


If you have never checked out the series before then now is your chance with The IT Crowd: The Complete Series available now on DVD from MPI Media.

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