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 The Kitchen

review by Drusilla Blakey


Right now there are no shortages of women empowerment in Hollywood and that is a good thing when handled properly. I love seeing stories where women get to rise up to the strong powerful people they are when it isn’t just trying to force the agenda. The latest, The Kitchen starring Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss are bringing to life the DV Vertigo series of the same name that looks to be the perfect film for this time.


The Kitchen follows three 1978 Hell’s Kitchen housewives whose mobster husbands are sent to prison by the FBI. Left with little but a sharp ax to grind, the ladies take the Irish mafia’s matters into their own hands—proving unexpectedly adept at everything from running the rackets to taking out the competition…literally. I’ve been looking forward to seeing The Kitchen, and was hoping that it would live up to my expectations. I like seeing funny women do serious roles, so I was excited to see Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish in something very dramatic.


As the film started I got a little nervous as I always do, when I have high hopes for a movie. The opening credits immediately set me at ease because we are transported into the 70s with the look and feel of the logos, the music, the costumes, the scenery, the cars; it was amazing! Watching the movie it reminded me how different times are now with women working and taking care of families on their own. It wasn’t always that way and it wasn’t seen as a bad thing, that’s just how it was.  Hopefully this will be eye-opening for younger viewers, as they realize how much freedom they have now to be in control of their own lives. Because these poor women have to figure out how to make a living, pay bills, buy groceries, and pay the rent. And, this is where our story really takes off!


Craziness ensues as we dive into a deeper look of the mob: fighting for territory, fighting for protection payments, fighting with other groups that are out to get 



them. All of your favorite mob movie stuff. I loved it! The violence, death, and blood and guts are accurately captured but we are now also given insight into the role of women or their lack thereof in the crime families. 

I found Melissa McCarthy to be fascinating in this role. And when the movie ended several people around me commented on how surprised they were that she was such a great dramatic actress, and she was. Tiffany Haddish also did an amazing job and this is a film of hers that you should not miss. For those of us that watch The Handmaid‘s Tale, you’ll be very familiar with Elizabeth Moss and her ability to bring drama to the screen.  However, in this film, we also get to see her be a little bit vulnerable and scared.


Overall I really enjoyed this Movie and if you’re a fan of mob movies, I think you will like it as well. If you’re a fan of any of these ladies, be sure to check it out.

In addition to the film this release includes bonus content including a deleted scene and featurettes that take you behind bringing this story from page to screen. Grab your copy of The Kitchen available now on digital and then on Blu-ray and DVD on November 5th from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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