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The Man From Toronto               review by Bobby Blakey

Due to the pandemic, Kevin Hart’s previous flick Fatherhood ended up getting sold to Netflix by Sony and now his latest film The Man From Toronto co-starring Woody Harrelson is getting the same treatment. The film co-stars Kaley Cuoco, Jasmine Mathews, Lela LorenPierson FodéJencarlos Canela, and Ellen Barkin from The Hitman’s Bodyguard and The Hitman’s Bodyguard’s Wife director Patrick Hughes. Could this flick bring the action and laughs or will should the man have stayed in Toronto?


The Man From Toronto follows a case of mistaken identity arises after a screw-up sales consultant and the world’s deadliest assassin—known only as The Man from Toronto—run into each other at a holiday rental.


As a fan of both Hart and Harrelson I was excited to see what they brought together. Initially the film limps a long a bit with some funny jokes here and there, but had me worried at first. Thankfully it finds its footing and ended up being and action packed good time not surprising in the same vein as The Hitman’s Bodyguard films.


Hart brings his usual fast talking chaos to the mix that could have fallen flat had it not had a good man to bounce it off of and Harrelson was the perfect choice. They have some fun chemistry together and make the film work as the buddy action comedy it sets out to be. Sure there is plenty of over the top silliness and unbelievable moments, but that is just part of what you buy into for this kind of film. The action is really well done and there is plenty of it with the best being a full on fight in a gym featuring Harrelson kicking all kinds of ass and Hart, well doing what he does.


In the end this is fun and sometime full on hilarious action flick that delivers everything it set out to and what I expected from it. For those that might have missed it in its Netflix run, Sony is bringing it home featuring 5 deleted scenes bringing more laughs.


Grab your copy of The Man From Toronto available now on digital, Blu-ray and DVD from Sony.

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