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The Mask of Zorro 4K          review by Bobby Blakey

Throughout the years the famed hero Zorro has been delivering his adventures in comics, books, movies and TV with the most popular series being the black and white series that ran from 1957 to 1959. In 1998 Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas teamed up with Casino Royale and The Protégé director Martin Campbell for the big screen version The Mask of Zorro and returned for the sequel in 2005. Now the original is finally getting the 4K treatment in an all-new steelbook edition.   


The Mask of Zorro follows 1821 Old California, where mysterious black-caped masked avenger of the oppressed, Don Diego de la Vega--Zorro--lands in jail after once again humiliating the evil Spanish governor Don Rafael Montero. With his only daughter raised by Don Rafael as his own, the grizzled swordsman makes a daring escape nearly two decades later, and takes under his wing the unrefined outlaw Alejandro Murietta to teach him the ropes and hopefully become the next Zorro. Now, the stage is set for a ferocious final confrontation, as the new young rapier-wielder prepares to thwart the despicable governor's sinister plans. Can Alejandro live up to legendary Zorro's name?


When I was a kid I was always either pretending to be the Lone Range or Zorro so obviously any chance to see either of these characters show up on the big screen I am all in. When this film hit theaters I rushed out opening weekend to check it out and was excited to see Banderas in the role. To my surprise it was a different kind of direction to the film more or less passing the torch to a new person to don the mask. I was initially irritated, but then found myself slowly realizing this was a great approach. Getting to revisit it again and I found myself all in right from the first whip crack.


I think this is such a great interpretation of the character bringing the classic sensibilities to it while still giving it a fresh voice. Banderas and Hopkins are both great here offering up some great dysfunctional chemistry that essentially drives the film to the birth of the new Zorro. Both of them also get to get in on the action and carry it to perfection. The swashbuckling fun is something we just don’t get enough of these days so I am glad to have flicks like this with an iconic character to keep it alive.


This new release offers up bonus content including commentary, deleted scenes, music video, trailers and more. Strap on your sword and pick up your copy of The Mask of Zorro on limited edition 4K available now from Sony Home Entertainment.

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