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 The Mindy Project: The Complete Series              review by Bobby Blakey


Like a lot of people I was first introduced to Mindy Kaling during her tenure on The Office. She was one of my favorites on the show so when she the series it was a big disappointment until she debuted her new series The Mindy Project in 2012 on FOX. Sadly after three seasons the show was cancelled but to the excitement of fans was revived on Hulu for three more seasons. Now those that might have missed out or just love the series can bring them all home with The Mindy Project: The Complete Series from Mill Creek Entertainment.


The Mindy Project follows Dr. Mindy Lahiri is a talented obstetrician navigating the tricky waters of her chaotic personal life as she pursues her dreams of becoming the perfect woman, finding happiness and getting her perfect romantic comedy ending. She shares a practice with three doctors, none of whom makes life any easier for her. There's Dr. Danny Castellano whose on-again-off-again romance with Mindy keeps the office staff on their toes, Dr. Jeremy Reed, the office's managing partner and resident punching bag, and Dr. Peter Prentice, a high-fiving former frat boy, who knows nothing about the opposite sex, but insists on doling out relationship advice to Mindy.  Rounding out the ensemble is ex-con-turned-nurse Morgan Tookers, the gossipy Tamra, and the grumpy Beverly. 


Despite numerous changes throughout the first season this show found its

footing and ended up being pretty funny. The cast is great with some of the best scenes being stolen by the supporting cast of Ike Barinholtz, Beth Grant, Xosha Roquemore and Fortune Femister. They all bring great moments with some throw away dialogue and one liners that add to the laughs while still bringing some fun to every story arc. The rest of the cast are great as well, but the whole thing obviously rests on Kaling’s shoulders. Her wit and bright personality is so much fun to watch. She is one of those actors that is comfortable in her own skin and is shines through in her performance.


This show sticks to an ongoing bigger story a lot of times as opposed to just the story of the week. Of course this is here, but throughout every season they grow them in both relationships and life to keep each season fresh and fun. I enjoyed more of the earlier seasons the best, but it is fun in the later seasons seeing Mindy deal with more family life than just her practice. It is nice seeing a female led show with a woman of color that allows itself to just exist without and agenda. Of course all of the important elements are here, but this is one that showcases the talent and not the gender or race. It allows the work to shine through and showcase who Kaling is as not only an actor, but writer, producer and creator.


This is one of those rare shows that I have watched some of the episodes numerous times and laugh each time. If you have never seen the show or just a fan like me then this is a must have set for you. In addition to all 117 episodes of the 6 seasons this set also includes bonus features including a gag reel and deleted scenes that add to the fun. Grab your copy of The Mindy Project: The Complete Series available now from Mill Creek Entertainment.

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