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Tom Six debuts teaser for his latest flick The Onania Club

The Onania Club.jpg

There are filmmakers that come along that tend to offer up films that either find an audience or disgust people so much that they become infamous. Tom Six is one of those directors that unleashed his cult horror series The Human Centipede on the world which I will admit that I am a fan of. While the second two films didn’t fully capture the pure insane and horrific brilliance of the original they still brought something more to the table. His latest film The Onania Club is already causing a stir with its first teaser.


There isn’t much known about the film yet other than what was posted with the trailer itself saying that The Onania Club deals deals with human vileness on many levels. Its main theme is “Schadenfreude", an emotion that philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer called: "the most evil sin of human feeling" and "diabolic". Where "The Human Centipede" trilogy is mostly body horror; "The Onania Club" deals with this pure psychological horror. No plot details yet but a glimpse of the story: Strong, rich, white L.A. women (über bitches) run the show and deeply enjoy the misery of others. The film will be a pleasant breath of polluted air in todays growing political correctness and intolerance.


While the trailer doesn’t show anything overly graphic it is still a bit disturbing in content and not one you want to watch if easily offended. You can check out the trailer here if interested, but once again if you do not like shocking cinema then head the other way now.


Some will ask why we are posting this trailer to promote this film and the answer is simple, it’s someone’s vision in film good or bad. You do not have to like it or be interested and while a fan of the other series I am not sure I am interested in this one at all based on the trailer, but knowing his work and the attempt to use shock and imagery to deal with a message I felt that it was worthy of sharing. Once again if easily offended do not watch the trailer, but if you are interested you can check it from Six Entertainment.

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