Lionsgate announces Total Recall: 30th Anniversary 4k Steelbook  

During the height of his action film domination Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with director Paul Verhoeven in 1990 for the sci-fi action film Total Recall. The film was inspired by the Short Story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” by Philip K. Dick and was a smash hit at the box office. Now Lionsgate is celebrating its 30th Anniversary with an all-new 4K Steelbook edition.  


Total Recall follows the year 2084 and construction worker Quaid is haunted by dreams of Mars, a place he’s never been. Against his wife’s wishes, Quaid goes to Rekall, a memory-implant company that promises a thrilling virtual trip to the red planet. But what Quaid “remembers” is that he’s a secret agent whose cover has been blown…and that he must return to Mars at any cost.


This 3 disc release offers up not only a 4K transfer of the film but tons of bonus content including trailer, commentary, featurettes and documentaries taking fans behind bringing this sci-fi action classic to life. Grab your copy of Total Recall 30th Anniversary Steelbook Edition on 4K for the first time ever when it hits on December 8 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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