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Interview with Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter star Tracey Birdsall

Bobby: Having spent so much time in science-fiction in recent years, I imagine you must be a fan?

Tracey: Completely.


Bobby: Did you pursue these sci-fi roles or did they come to you?


Tracey: Really, I was in the right place at the right time and winning awards for other films I had recently done. It was kind of magical how it all came into place! I was getting a lot of offers for films at the time, and the sci-fi was the most appealing. I’ve done a couple of comedies over the last several years also, it’s just the sci-fi has been more popular - due to the genre.


Bobby: Which of these parts has been your favorite?


Tracey: Sienna of Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter by far! She was just so interesting to me, and all of the action. The most challenging however has been the current role of Dijanne in The Time War… she has a really twisted, power hungry - dark side… Every day that we shoot some of that stuff, it takes me several days to balance back out.


Bobby: Could you relate to Sienna? How are you similar?


Tracey: I always say “Sienna and I look a lot alike, but that’s where it stops.” She’s extremely tough, has an endurance level off the charts, yet is so very vulnerable. If you add an “er” to both extremes, she goes way off the charts of being both tougher and more vulnerable than I am. I could relate to her after I created her, as I experienced her life. Prior to that, I would say no… I reached way back into my younger tomboy years to create her walk and movement, but that was all that I could relate to going in.


Bobby: Did you get into tip-top shape for the role or are you just naturally healthy and fit?

Tracey: I try and stay extremely healthy and fit. For the role, however, I did put on an extra 10 pounds of muscle and trained every day. I wouldn’t have had the proper endurance otherwise to withstand all of the action scenes. A lot of calories go into that high level of activity!


Bobby: Anything you found difficult to film in Rogue Warrior?


Tracey: A lot of the action sequences were filmed in the scorching heat in the desert, so yes - that was extremely difficult. Although that made it more difficult, it also made it more “real” to me. You really feel it’s a live or die situation when you’re out there filming in the elements with your imagination “on steroids” - so to speak.


Bobby: How has it been going? Is it successful enough for a sequel?


Tracey: It did well enough in the theaters that it’s limited run got expanded a couple of weeks later. The physical media is out in the U.S. and in Canada through an exclusive deal with Walmart. It first sold out after two days - even at Walmart online, and everyone was messaging me that it couldn’t be found (like there’s something I could do!) It was back in stock shortly thereafter, but it really flew off the shelves. The real test will be when it’s widely released on August 15, 2017. I don’t know if a sequel is the way to go or not, but there is Development going on for a television series - so we will soon see…


Bobby: Where would you like to see the character go in the next film?


Tracey: To the Dark Side. Most definitely… This goes back to question #1!


Bobby: Do you see yourself having a panel or a booth at Comic Con, or one of these large conventions, one day?


Tracey: We were hoping to have a panel this year; however, we have been too busy shooting the next film, The Time War. We’ve had a presence of the film for the last two years at Comic Con, so yes we will be back! Filming has to always take precedence.

Check out Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter available now at Wal-mart. 

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