Train to Busan

   review by Bobby Blakey

Thanks to shows like The Walking Dead the zombie craze is still on the front line of horror popularity. At this point it is more about doing something new with the genre than anything else and sadly there are a ton that come out all the time that fail to offer up anything worth remembering. Now Well Go USA is bringing the South Korean zombie film Train to Busan to US audiences, but does it stand out as something to remember or will it fly off the rails fast?

Train to Busan follows a group of terrified passengers fighting their way through a countrywide viral outbreak while trapped on a suspicion-filled, blood-drenched bullet train ride to Busan, a southern resort city that has managed to hold off the zombie hordes or so everyone hopes. The trailer for this film looked pretty generic but that is what makes the film all the better as it offers up so much more awesome fun than you might think going in. This is not the usual slow moving zombies, these undead are more aching to those with the rage virus in 28 Days Later. They are fast, crazed and ready to tear through anything in their path including each other which makes the film all the more exciting to watch. The story keeps it simple setting up all the major players on the train with the usual ones you cannot stand, the likeable ones, the budding romance and the troubled pasts. This is just the catalyst to feed the impending doom that it fixing to be unleashed on the entire train. The film does take a little while for things to get going, but once the chaos ensues this is a zombie train worth jumping on board with. They do some minor explaining, but instead of trying to make it about why it is happening they let the insanity rule and the fight for survival be the focus of the film.

There is a ton of blood soaked gore and action to keep fans pleased throughout the run of this railroad from the moment the first person turns and attacks. They do not shy away from some intense action that rivals that of the best zombie flicks out there. They are full on ripping people apart and taking a piece out of the playbook from World War Z with them piling on top of each other that takes the terror to an epic direction. What is interesting here like a lot of these kinds of films, is that the people in the thick of it are often times more evil than the monsters doing the killing. There are numerous people here you will root to get killed and they will annoy you in the best possible way right until the end. There is some great action outside of just the zombie action including seeing trains derailed and causing unexpected action sequences.

If you are a fan of the zombie genre then you will not want to miss Train To Busan. Sadly it did not get the wide release it deserved but thankfully now you can rent or buy it so get out there and check it out. 


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