Disney announces Who Framed Roger Rabbit on 4K

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 4K.jpg

Over the years there have been numerous features blending animation and live action. Some have worked and others not so much. In 1988 director Robert Zemeckis teamed up producers Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall for the cult classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The film features a great cast including Bob Hoskins, and Christopher Lloyd with the voice talents of Mike Edmonds, the legendary Mel Blanc, and so many more with Kathleen Turner as Jessica Rabbit and Charles Fleischer as Roger. Now Disney is bringing the film to 4K for the first time ever.  


Who Framed Roget Rabbit follows 1947 Hollywood: Detective Eddie Valiant who is hired to prove that mogul Marvin Acme is fooling around with femme fatale Jessica Rabbit, wife of cartoon superstar, Roger Rabbit. But when Acme is murdered … Roger is the prime suspect.


In addition to the brilliance of the film itself in glorious 4K, this release offers up bonus content including commentary, deleted scene, featurettes, animated shorts and so much more. Step in the murder mystery in toon town and grab your copy of Who Framed Roger Rabbit when it hits 4K for the first time ever on Dec. 7. The Ultimate Collector’s Edition includes a limited-edition SteelBook®, available only at Best Buy stores.