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   Wonder Showzen:

The Complete Series

               review by Bobby Blakey

Wonder Shozen Complete Series.jpg

Kids shows come in all styles from puppets to people in zany costumes and cartoons. Things like Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Mr. Rogers and Romper Room were among the popular ones and so many more. In 2005 MTV debuted the series Wonder Showzen that took all of those shows and blended them into one insane adult series.  


Wonder Showzen parodies the classic educational PBS shows from the 1970s, made up of old cartoons and educational films plus puppets from one’s worst nightmares. Starring Chatman as Chauncey, Lee as Wordsworth and Alyson Levy (“At Home with Amy Sedaris”) as Sthugar. If you have never seen this show calling it offensive is an understatement and it is hilarious. The thing about this genius of this show is that is is trying to offend to showcase the ridiculousness of the subject matter.


The use of kids further brings the laughs home, but will no doubt piss a lot of people off. Some of the best segments in the show are the news reports with Beat Kids and Tyler, America’s Most Perfect Child. I used to watch this show when it originally aired and forgotten all about it and honestly didn’t think it would hold up all that well, but I found myself laughing just as hard.


There is no way this show would get made today and there is no doubt its new release is going to piss some off that just don’t get it. Every episode offers up crazy and often times perfectly offensive laughs that cracks me up. If you are

easily offended then you should be sure to avoid this show at all cost, but if you can see the humor in poking fun at racism, politics, puppet sex and so much more then this is the show for you.


This collection features all 16 episodes of the series as well a bonus content including outtakes, commentary, auditions, “Story Time With Flavor Flav and so much more. Grab your copy of Wonder Showzen: The Complete Series when it hits DVD on March 16th from CBS Home Entertainment.

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