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The Final Season

         review by Bobby Blakey

Comedy Central has offered up some fun original comedies over the years like their long running series South Park, Inside Amy Schumer, Key and Peele and so many more. After seven seasons another of their popular comedies Workaholics came to an end, but now you can bring the final season home.

If you never saw the series, Workaholics follows three friends who work together as telemarketers from 9 to 5 and live together from 5 to 9. The show stars Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, and Anders Holm in the leads roles along with a great ensemble cast that populate the insane world they live in. I never fully got into this show, but still managed to find myself fully invested in this final season. I love shows like this that you can easily just jump right in without knowing much of anything about it. Everyone can instantly relate to the crazy world of the workplace and them taking things to a near insane level of silliness makes it all the more entertaining. Each episode is a standalone story with no rhyme or reason to its direction but always full of a ton of laughs. Some may find the show too childish or stressful due to the chaos and they would be right, but that is why it is so hilarious. One of the best of the seasons is actually focusing on the strange adventures to a different character that is funny on its own, but when you see the twist behind it it’s all the better.   

This is a great show that clearly has a big following from the amount of time it was on the air so this latest release will no doubt be a must have. In addition to the release of Workaholics: The Final Season, Paramount and Comedy Central have also released a new Complete Series DVD set featuring all 7 seasons and bonus content in one hilarious collection both available now.

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