Yellowstone: Season 2            review by Bobby Blakey

These days more and more big name celebrities are transitioning from the big screen back to TV with some great results. Last season saw Kevin Costner make his series debut with the series Yellowstone co-starring Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, Brecken Merrill, Jefferson White, Danny Huston and Gil Birmingham. Now the second season is coming home for fans of the show or for new people to get in on the fun.


Yellowstone follows the epic story of a multi-generational family that controls the largest contiguous ranch in the U.S.  In Season 2, John, Kayce and the rest of the clan battle constant encroachment from ruthless enemies on all sides. I was late to the party on this one, but loved the first season. I expected a straight forward ranching type drama similar to something like Dallas, but I was way off. It’s like a country western mob like series more in the realm of the underappreciated Longmire with a more shady direction.


The first season pulled no punches and left you ready for more and right out of the gate season two let you know it was going to deliver. I thought I might enjoy this show, but never imagined what I was in for and love every minute of it. The show is filled with juicy and interesting characters all dealing with their own baggage while trying to find their place in this tale. As it progresses some get ahead and others fall back with none of it being pretty. There are no really good people here with all of them willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and its part of what makes it work.


As this new season moved forward people’s places changed causing a shake up to the ranch and plenty of fist fights along the way. The rules and hierarchy of the ranch keeps it in check but also keeps the ongoing friction alive with very little ease in sight. It doesn’t take long this season for things to go from bad to worse, but this brings the family more together in their own way and God help 

anyone in their way. This is one of the best written shows out right now offering up everything you could want in a series packed together with excellent performances and a beautiful backdrop that is a character all its own.


I am so glad that I finally took the time to check out this series and cannot wait to see what is ahead for the next season. In addition to all 10 episodes of the season it offers up bonus content including a deleted scenes and featurettes that take you behind bringing this season to life. Jump on your horse and head out to the ranch and grab your copy of Yellowstone: Season 2 when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on November 5th from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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