review by Bobby Blakey


I love science fiction, but like most there are sadly more bad ones than good. Every so often there is one that squeaks through to bring something fresh to the genre. The latest hoping to leave its mark is 2067 starring Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Ryan Kwanten, but does it have that something special or should it have stayed in the past?

2067 follows the year 2067 where Earth has been ravaged by climate change and humanity is forced to live on artificial oxygen. An illness caused by the synthetic O2 is killing the worlds’ population and the only hope for a cure comes in the form of a message from the future: “Send Ethan Whyte”. Ethan, an underground tunnel worker, is suddenly thrust into a terrifying new world full of unknown danger as he must fight to save the human race. 

This Australian based feature sports some great effects that stands up to the biggest budget sci-fi film. The impressive visuals make for a world that immediately pulls you in to want to know more. But effects can’t be the only thing a film offers and thankfully this is not a one trick pony despite some missteps. The story is engaging and offers up plenty of twists and turns that keep you thinking while also making for some familiar ground that some might figure out fairly easily.

The biggest issues with the film falls with some editing and convoluted nature at times while trying to make something a lot more complicated than it needs to be. This is the burden with most films taking on time travel, but I think this film deals with it to more success than not. I wish it allowed for a bit more time to really get invested in the bigger picture of the story, but also enjoyed the way it is played out. When the film is focused solely on Smit-McPhee and Kwanten I think it works better as the things built around them are really hit and miss. Thankfully

a lot of the film is just their journey and trials making for a much more entertaining film that the other elements.

There are to many twists to say to much on the film but in the end it worked well enough for me. If nothing else the visuals I previously mention make the film worth checking out and sticking around for the mystery of it all. It won’t work for everyone, but I dug it way more than I expected too.

Decide for yourself and check out 2067 available now on Blu-ray and DVD from RLJE Films.