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A Quiet Place  review by Drusilla Blakey

Jim from the office (John Krasinski) has grown up and he’s not a funny geek anymore!  He’s a big manly man with an amazing beard in this suspenseful thriller, ‘A Quite Place’.  Also, starting his real life wife, the future Mary Poppins, Emily Blunt, it is not hard to feel their chemistry oozing off the screen.

The Chemistry was real you guys!

There were several times that our leading couple gave each other some emotional looks and in a movie where actions speak in place of words, those moments were so poignant and so telling!  Of course as a married couple, they benefit from the years they have spent together.  But, they did such an amazing job conveying so much emotion without having to speak.  And this includes the two amazing children as well.  When you are a family, you can more easily communicate without speaking – but that is so easily conveyed on the screen during this film. It makes you wonder how long they had to work together to become so bonded or if that ended up just happening naturally.  So many emotions play over each of their faces – amazing job to all of them!

There is more to the story than monsters!

Although the main focus of the film deals with some sort of creature hunting them down, we get a much fuller story.  This family is dealing with hardship and loss.  And I think everyone can agree that when you have a problem, the worst thing you can do is NOT talk about.  But, here we are in an existence where you can’t talk about it even if you wanted to.  Imagine the turmoil of that coupled with the fact that we are in a world where: there may or may not be survivors, we are all trying to understand what has happened, why it happened, so many questions!   Oh those questions left unanswered…I know that this may upset some people, and honestly, I used to get upset too!  I could not stand for there 

A Quiet Place 4k.jpg

to be unanswered questions, but as I have begun to watch more movies and really immersed myself into film, I realize I like not knowing even more.  This absolutely mirrors real life where thing just happen and sometimes there is no reason why.  I know I know…this is why life sucks sometimes; but this is also what makes movies so good!

Silence is golden!

This is an extremely quiet movie and I was immediately curious if there would be music or not and there is a tiny bit at the beginning and a tiny bit when there is a scene change but it is very much for dramatic effect.  However, the majority of the film is in silence and there is nothing but ambient background noise like the wind, or water, etc.  It reminded me very much of watching the TV show ‘Switched at Birth’ where when you were taken to a deaf person’s point of view, you hear the background noises that are around them but that they can’t hear and because of this there is so much sign language and barely any dialog, making it a unique film easy for people that are deaf to enjoy as well with no special device really necessary – I loved that!  I’m so pleased to know that there is a film that is so easily accessible to a whole group that perhaps in the past have had a lot more to deal with in going to a movie that the rest of us take for granted.

Are you hard to please?

I’m sure we all know someone who will say, “I don’t like scary movies” – good, this isn’t overly scary, just full of suspense.  There are a few moments where people may jump; but do what I do and laugh at them. Someone may say, “I don’t like sci-fi or monster movies” – well that’s okay, because this is apocalyptical which is a fact that is coming our way and really, it’s also about a family. This film is rated PG-13 so most of the family can go enjoy it together!  There is no bad language, no sexual situations, no smoking, no drinking – just a loving family working together. Sit down with your family and friends and support this fresh, new story written and directed by good ol’ Jim from the office.

In addition to the film this release includes featurettes that take you behind bringing this silent killer to life. Keep silent and grab your copy of A Quiet Place available now on Digital HD and then on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on July 10th from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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