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Acts of Vengeance

           review by Bobby Blakey

Director Isaac Florentine has become the go to guy for action offering up some of the best action flicks around most notably with martial arts action star Scott Adkins in the Ninja and Undisputed series. His latest film, Acts of Vengeance stars Antonio Banderas, Karl Urbana nd Paz Vega, but does it bring his usual high octane action or will it be one you won’t want to talk about?

Acts of Vengeance follows a fast-talking lawyer who transforms his body and takes a vow of silence, not to be broken until he finds out who killed his wife and daughter, and he has his revenge. I have always been a fan of Banderas and over the last few years he has been back to offering up some great films, but I will admit I miss the crazed action side from films like Desperado and Assassins. I am so happy with this film that takes him back into the world of high octane action and he knocks it out of the park. The story is simple and effective offering up a unique take on the old school action genre letting his physical actions tell the story.

Banderas does a great job with the action, laying down some excellent ass beatings like you expect from a Florentine film. There are a few gun fight type elements, but this is a hands on delivery of vengeance with bones breaking and fists flying at a furious rate. Karl Urban gets to get in on the action fun as well offering up some great fight moments as well all leading up to a great final fight to cap off the film to perfection.

I loved this movie even more than I had expected to from the trailers and really hope Florentine and Banderas reteam for more films like this in the future. As someone who is a fan of all their works I am eagerly hoping to see Florentine, Banderas and Adkins team up for the ultimate action showdown that would blow the fans away like only they can.

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