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              American Hustle
10th Anniversary 4K Steelbook                    review by Bobby Blakey

Director David O Russell has had a string of great flicks with stars Cristian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence showing up in several of them. In 2013 they all teamed for the film American Hustle co-starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Louis C.K. and Robert DeNiro. Now the film is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with 4K limited edition steelbook.

American Hustle follows scam artists and lovers Irving Rosenfeld and Sydney Prosser who are entrapped by ambitious FBI agent Richie DiMaso and coerced into participating in a major sting operation which hinges on snaring politician Carmine Polito and his associates. Complicating matters is Irving’s wife Rosalyn, who could bring the whole operation crashing down around them all.

I loved this film when it came out and upon revisiting it love it just as much. It is a perfect blend of the crime drama, heist, crime caper and love triangle. There are so many layers to this film that it could have easily gotten lost within itself, but Russell navigates it to perfection. It doesn’t hurt that the entire cast is outstanding from beginning to end.

The cast go all in with some great looks and attitudes that keep them all compelling and fun to watch. The dysfunction of it all leads to so much chaos, but some strange sort of partnership that does work even when it shouldn’t. The love triangles between numerous characters add to the layers of the story and even more so in the final act when it all comes full circle.

I could ramble on about all the great twists and turns in the story and great

performances, but this is really about the new 4K releases. This isn’t the kind of movie that really needs the high-def treatment to enhance the movie and while it doesn’t do much it does still look great. This movie is so great that it stands on its own either way, but this new release at least gets it back in front of new audiences as it deserves.

Grab your copy of American Hustle available now on 4K Limited Edition Steelbook from Sony Home Entertainment.

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