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An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power                              review by Bobby Blakey

A good documentary is meant to either feed you information on a subject you may know little to nothing about, pull at your emotions or do all of the above. When An Inconvenient Truth was released in 2006 it opened up a lot of eyes to the climate issues. Now they have stepped back into the subject to see where it stands now with the follow up An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.

This next chapter focuses on the progress made to tackle the problem of climate change and Al Gore's global efforts to persuade governmental leaders to invest in renewable energy, culminating in the landmark signing of 2016's Paris Climate Agreement. Documentaries are hard to review as they affect everyone differently. There isn’t anything overly shocking this time around, but the film is just as effective. Directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk have teamed up with Gore to carefully craft a story that not only continues to shine the light on the issues, but now it’s more about how much worse it’s gotten and the truths that have already come to life.


In addition to Gore who is leading the charge as always the film features appearances by George W. Bush, Donald Trump, John Kerry, Barrack Obama, Vladamir Putin and more with some in interviews and others stock news footage. Seeing the fight that he has gone through and the steps he actually moved forward and where it has begun taking so many steps back once again under the current administration is both hopeful and heartbreaking. Either way we can only hope that whether you believe in Global Warming or not everyone will step up and try to do what’s best for the planet we all live on.  

This release not only includes the film, but also bonus content including featurettes taking you further behind bringing the truth to life. In a cool addition the packaging for the it is made with completely recycled material and offers up a list on what to do to act on saving the planet in your own way. 

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