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The Art of Invincible:
          Season One

                   review by Bobby Blakey

Before Robert Kirkman hit the world with the undead hit The Walking Dead he took on the superhero world with Invincible. The series ran for 144 issues along with numerous spin-off series. In 2021 the comic came to life in the animated series of the same name on Prime Video. The series has gone on to two seasons and more on the way, but you can take a closer look at the creation of the series with the new Art of Invincible Season One book.

Invincible follows the son of Earth's most powerful superhero is about to become something greater than himself: something bold, something universal, something - Invincible. From the comics to the screen, Invincible follows Mark Grayson's journey of becoming Earth's next great defender after his father, Nolan Grayson also known as Omni-Man.

The Art of Invincible Season 1 features exclusive character, background, and vehicle designs, key art, and more! This volume takes fans behind the scenes

and includes interviews with key creatives, including Invincible comic creators Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker. This book is not only the perfect companion piece, but it is beautifully put together. It’s hardcover design features an amazing piece of art and brings everything the hardcore fan could want.


Throughout the book you can not only get a peek into the designs of the various characters but also the world they inhabit. Seeing the details put into the series throughout this book makes it altogether more impressive at the level of detail and focus put into bringing it to life. Whether you have ever read the comics or not, this pulls you even deeper into the already perfect adaptation of the source material in a unique way in this format.


This book was just one of many Invincible products celebrating the 20th anniversary of the comic’s release. In 2023 they also debuted Invincible Vol.1 (New Edition), collecting the Invincible comic book series from the very beginning in an all-new 6”x9” graphic novel format with stunning new covers from Cory Walker & Dave McCaig. Plus, you could dive into more of this exciting world with the Invincible Universe Compendium, collecting Invincible Presents: Atom Eve #1-2, Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode #1-3, Guarding The Globe (Vol 1) #1-6, Guarding The Globe (Vol. 2) #1-6, and Invincible Universe #1-12 in an all-new format. This is your chance to go beyond the adventures of Invincible and Omni-Man to learn about your favorite – or soon to be favorite – superheroes in a single edition.


I am not typically into these art books, but my love for the comic universe and the animated series pulled me in. I loved this book and hope that it finds the love it deserves as the perfect coffee table book to get people talking about the character or for the hardcore fan of Kirkman’s world.


Grab your copy of The Art of Invincible available now from Skybound and Image Comics.

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