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         Ash vs Evil Dead:

The Complete Collection

                      review by Bobby Blakey

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Ever since Evil Dead debuted in 1981 it has had a cult following like few other films. Since it spawned a sequel that is even more loved before director Rami decided to take it in another beloved direction with the third chapter Army of Darkness. For years fans were begging for a fourth film and instead got the remake that worked really well, but it was the announcement of the STARZ TV series that finally appeased their need for more Ash. Sadly the show only got three seasons, but it delivered everything fans could want and more. Now Lionsgate is bringing the entire series home for fans to relive the fun.

Ash vs Evil Dead follows Ash Williams, the chainsaw-wielding, wisecracking antihero of the legendary The Evil Dead films, who is back for more gore-filled adventure in this complete 30-episode collection of the “Ash vs Evil Dead” TV series. Follow Ash’s journey as he returns home to Elk Grove, Michigan, meets his long-lost daughter, and unites with former enemy Ruby and fellow demon fighters Pablo and Kelly for a final blood-splattering stand to save the world! In the series Campbell jumped right back into the role of Ash with the first season like he never left and the entire season kicked major ass and never let up all the way to the sad cancellation with season three. I wasn’t sure they could top the fun of that first season, but they did just that and then some. They continued to bring all the fun and gore the fans love and took it over the top in the bloodiest best way possible throughout the entire shows run.

They continued to evolve all the characters in the show in unexpected fun ways while keeping the creepy factor of the show intact. As the show moved forward it even returned Ash to his home town adding a fun new element with a slew of people that new young Ash and clearly didn’t like him much. Most notably was the addition of his father played awesomely by Lee Majors. This direction of the show was made all the better by the usual over the top gore and ridiculous nature of the that continued to shine as the best horror comedy on TV if not really the only one. They have created something truly great and worthy of the Evil Dead name with this show and always left you wanting more.

The final season kept everything fans loved intact and pushed it even further in gore and over the top ridiculous nature right up until the very end. I was so sad to see this series end when it did as it looked to be setting up an even more entertaining direction for the show. Sadly that will not happen and Campbell announced his retirement from the Ash character making the end of this show all the sadder. While it might not get the full ending I was hoping for I for one am glad that they got the chance to bring this great series to the fans for as long as it did and this collection is the perfect addition to any fans of the Evil Dead franchise.

This collection not only includes all 30 episodes from the 3 seasons, but a ton of bonus content including commentaries and a ton of featurettes that take fans behind bringing this show to bloody life. Grab your chainsaw and join the fight when Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Collection hits Blu-ray and DVD on October 16th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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