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Lucasfilm debuts new poster and trailer for Ashoka

Disney+ has brought us a new legion of programming from the Star Wars universe including The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Obi-Wan and Andor. It came as no surprise that after the character Ashoka Tano made her live action debut that it was soon announced she would be getting her own series.


While not has been revealed in relation to the actual plot, we know that it is bringing what looks like the entire cast of the animated series Rebels to live action which is all kinds of awesome. While I am still not happy that they didn’t cast Ashley Eckstein as Ashoka, Rosario Dawson did a great job and will no doubt bring more of the same as she carves out her own place in the galaxy far, far away.


While we still have to wait until August 23rd for the two episode premiere on Disney+, you can check out the new poster, trailer and featurette now from Lucasfilm and Disney+.

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