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Baby Assassins
    review by Bobby Blakey

Baby Assassins.jpg

Well Go USA continues to churn out the best in Asian cinema with the latest being Baby Assassins starring Kari Takaishi, Saori Izawa and Masanori Mimoto from directors Hugo Sakamoto and Kensuke Sonomura. Could this flick bring the fun action it promises or will it fail to make the hit?


Baby Assassins follows highly trained teenage assassins Chisato and Mahiro who are informed by upper management that they will need to hold down “normal” jobs as a cover, and—even worse—they’ll be forced to share an apartment upon graduation. However, after an unfortunate run-in with a Yakuza member, the two must band together to survive an epic fight for their lives.


Heading into this flick I was hoping for some great action and laughs and I got both, but not always in a good way. From the first sequence you can tell this film is going to be strange and it never gets less so. It is filled with a lot of action, but a lot of the film is just following these to teens in their lives. This could have been pretty compelling, but everyone in this film is so strange and all over the place it leaves you more perplexed than anything.


The story is not overly complicated and even takes some fun directions flashing back and getting it caught back up to itself, but it’s also so basic and all over the place it gets frustrating. The saving grace to most of it is some of the action. When it works it is high energy and well done especially a final fight sequence at the end, but there are also a few that are average at best and uninspired.


This is one of those films that won’t work for most, but for those that do will no doubt be all in. For everyone else it will be one of those confused

reflections of either hating it or not quite sure how to feel. I dug it for its strangeness and action, but not enough to be one I would likely revisit or could really recommend.


Decide for yourself and check out Baby Assassins available now on Blu-ray from Well Go USA.

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