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Back in Time  review by Bobby Blakey

There are few film trilogies that have really held up over time like that of the Back to the Future series. Sure there are mixed thoughts on the sequels, but they are still a lot of fun. Not long ago they released a documentary about bringing the famed DeLorean back to life, but the latest documentary Back in Time is taking on the entire franchise and giving fans the chance to see how it all came together from the beginning.

Back in Time takes a look at the very real impact the Back to the Future movies have had on our culture. What was once a little idea that spawned a tightly-focused documentary has grown into something truly amazing over two years of filming. There is nothing overly special on the way this film is put together as it keeps to the pretty standard documentary format, but the subject matter and those that appear made it not only a great piece to tell the story, but feel like something more. There is a wide range of people talking about the films impact both from being in the film to being a fan including Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox and so many more including the guys from the Outatime Documentary that restored the DeLorean making it feel almost like a companion piece to that film. Most of the information here is something you already likely know if you have ever been a fan of the series, but it is interesting hearing the stories from those that were there and the hard times it took to get this film made and all the changes that came with it. With a film series like this that works so well as a whole this documentary just adds that something special that you would have never thought could be added to its legacy.

There isn’t anything groundbreaking about the film, but for fans of the series or just film in general there is a lot to enjoy. There are no special features added here, but the film offers up everything you need to take you further behind its legacy. If you want features go revisit the trilogy blu-rays and just let this film tell you a story that will take you back in time and beyond.

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