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 Blind War
review by Bobby Blakey

Through the years there have been numerous action films featuring blind warriors including classics like Blind Fury and more recently John Wick Chapter 4 featuring Donnie Yen as a blind hitman. Now Well Go USA is bringing another to the masses with Blind War starring Andy On​, Li Zixiong, Yang Xing, Wang Hanyangm, Qi Shenghan, Zhang Yaqi, Wu Jingxuan, Cheng Sihan, and Zhou Hongbo from director Huo Suiqiang. Could this film bring the action it promises, or will it fail to see it through?

Blind War follows a SWAT captain who retires from the force in disgrace after breaking protocol during a surprise courthouse siege that leaves him permanently blinded. But while he adjusts to his new reality as a civilian, his beloved daughter is kidnapped, forcing him to seek out an unlikely ally to help him pursue justice from the shadows.

This film wastes no time in bringing the action right out the gate with an intense shoot out that sets the tone for the rest of the film. This sequence also sets up the direction of the rest of the film that on the surface is a straightforward story similar to films like Taken and John Wick, but with the issue of being blinded taking it in a new direction. It takes a little time between the initial action sequence, and it kicks into high gear again as it uses the time to deal with his injuries and leading to the meat of the tale.

Once it steps out of the set up of the events and people it hits the ground running letting the bullets and body fly almost non-strop until the very end. The make some fun choices incorporating the blind element into the action and it just works. It is brutal, fun and perfectly executed. I found myself immersed deeper into this film than expected thanks to the high-octane action that it delivers.

The rare times that the movie is a bit all over the place as it tries to bring in more characters to flesh it out with some not all that necessary. Thankfully when it does veer off it is pulled back in with more excellent action keeping the intensity going till the very end. The entire cast clearly went all in to bring the great action to life, and it shows in every frame. The film isn’t breaking down the walls of the action genre, but it damn holds them up on its own making for a film that will no doubt entertain any fan fo the genre.  

Join the quest for vengeance and grab your copy of Blind War when it hits digital and Blu-ray on June 11th from Well Go USA.

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