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Blood Father  review by Bobby Blakey

No matter what you might think of him personally Mel Gibson is still one of the best actors and directors out there. His personal missteps have sadly taken him out of the spotlight where he belongs, but every so often he has something released that reminds us of his greatness. His latest Blood Father has him starring alongside Erin Moriarty, Diego Luna, Michael Parks, William H. Macy, Miguel Sandoval, and Dale Dickey, but does it offer up the Gibson action fans love or should it be abandoned all together?

Blood Father follows ex-convict John Link who must call upon connections from his criminal past and his own lethal skills to save his estranged daughter’s future after she is targeted by a drug cartel. This is the perfect vehicle for Gibson as it offers up a chance for him to cut loose numerous times throughout. The story is pretty simple, but offers up some heart behind all the grit and violence. Everyone in the film does a good job, but this is Gibson’s ride all the way. He is sporting a big beard and rugged look that fits the part to perfection and reminds you how cool he can be even while being seemingly down and out. There are glimmers of Martin Riggs and other characters he has portrayed here along with a new side to it that shows that he has not missed a step. His older appearance actually adds to his performance making him more rugged and tougher than ever before. Erin Moriarty who plays his daughter is hit and miss at first, but once they get together finds her groove and delivers a great performance. They have great chemistry, both good and bad that helps to propel the struggling relationship forward.

The always great Miguel Sandoval has a bit part here and is almost unrecognizable covered in tattoos, but is important to the story as does William H. Macy minus the tattoos. There isn’t a ton of action here, but what there is works great. It is violent and often times graphic letting you know that Gibson’s Link is not playing around when he cuts lose. Every time Gibson is allowed to cut loose on the bad guys he seemingly snaps in the best way possible and is relentless pulling no punches. There are moments that will have you cringe and cheer in sheer glee seeing him do it like only he can.

While we have this excellent return to form for Gibson and his next directorial film Hacksaw Ridge coming in November, only time will tell if Gibson is back on track where he belongs, I for one hope so as you can never get enough Gibson in action on the big screen. Sadly this film only got a limited theatrical release and currently On Demand, but in case you missed out or just want to revisit the gritty revenge flick you can bring home Blood Father when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on October 11th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.​    

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