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30th Anniversary
          review by Bobby Blakey

Throughout 80s and 90s there wasn’t a bigger star than Eddie Murphy. He was churning out hit after hit with flicks like Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hrs., and Nutty Professor. In 1992 he teamed up with House Party director Reginald Hudlin for the romantic comedy Boomerang. The film features an awesome cast including Robin Givens, Halle Berry, David Alan Grier, Martin Lawrence, Grace Jones, Geoffrey Holder, Eartha Kitt, Chris Rock, John Witherspoon, Tisha Campbell, and Melvin Van Peebles. Now the film is celebrating its 30th Anniversary, but does it hold up and bring the laughs or will it fail to find the love it’s looking for?


Boomerang follows Marcus Graham who may be a success in his industry, but he’s also an insatiable womanizer who’s completely unprepared for his new boss, Jacqueline, a female version of Marcus in terms of all things romantic.

This is one of the few Eddie Murphy films that I never really revisited all that much. I’m not sure why because I remember enjoying it, but for whatever reason it just dropped off my radar. This made returning to check out this new release all the more enjoyable since it almost felt like I was seeing it for the first time again.

I really had fun with this flick as it perfectly blends the comedy, romance and over the top nature of it all together. Murphy is vintage swag here, but toned down more than in some of his bigger flicks which is why it works. All the supporting cast are great with them all getting their moments to shine. It’s these elements that really flesh out this flick as it is obviously about the womanizing of Marcus, but the stories the others have bring all the depth and laughs.


It is even more elevated getting to see so many comedy icons here front and center earlier in their careers and still shining like they do today. If there was one issue I had it was that the payoff with the relationship between Murphy and Givens looked to building toward a bigger lesson and punch, but ended up being more straight forward than I would have hopped. The lesson is still there, but there was a bigger swing that was missed.

In the end it is still a great romantic comedy that is worth revisiting. In addition to the film this anniversary edition offers up bonus content including commentary and extended & deleted scenes. Grab your copy of Boomerang available now on Blu-ray for the first time ever celebrating its 30th Anniversary from Paramount Home Entertainment.  

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