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review by Bobby Blakey


For the last few years Bruce Willis has been churning out the straight to home release films in both starring and cameo roles. His latest Breach takes him back into the world of sci-fi co-starring Cody Kearsley, Rachel Nichols, and Thomas Jane, but could this bring the action promised or will it get lost in space?

Breach follows an interstellar ark that comes under attack from a new threat; a shape-shifting alien force intent on slaughtering what is left of humanity while fleeing a devastating plague on Earth. Going in I assumed this was going to be another film that had a quick in and out appearance of Willis like most of his latest straight to home release, but to my surprise he is prominent throughout. That being said the movie has its issues but manages to be a decent sci-fi action flick.

The film isn’t anything you haven’t seen before with films like Alien, it manages to be pretty fun. It knows exactly what it is and just runs with it to bring all the typical sci-fi action alien fun that fans enjoy in their B movie flair. Willis is actually more enjoyable here than he has been in sometime and looks to be having a good time. He gets in on plenty of the action doing his thing giving us a hint of the Bruce we love. The rest of the cast is fine with Thomas Jane out for most of the film, but gets to come back to get in on the action.

The action is pretty generic but they keep it coming. The reasoning behind the infestation is kind of lame, but it works simple enough to get things going and the action to fly right up until the end. There isn’t a tone of effects surprisingly being a sci-fi film, but what is here is pretty average at best. They do something I truly hate in these kinds of action films using CGI for the muzzle flashes. This just makes it up to the actors to sell the working weapons and more often than not it just comes off cheesy.

In the end the film works a lot better than I expected. I had some decent fun with it and getting to see Willis actually bringing some action is always a welcome treat. Decide for yourself and check out Breach when it hits DVD on February 2nd from Paramount Home Entertainment and Saban Films.   

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