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 Bunnicula: Season 1 Part 1                  review by Drusilla Blakey

“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.”

As a child, I was a fan of the Bannicula children’s book series and have fond memories of reading all the stories.  So, I was excited to watch this animated version where all those stories could really come to life. Although this animated version is slightly different from the books, it was still a joy to watch.  The books had a bit of a darker tone, whereas this series is much more light and playful.  Bannicula is just one of the family pets in this loving home.  He is joined by Harold the dog and Chester the cat. 


In the books, Chester has a big distrust for Bannicula when he first joins their family and we still see a little bit of this come through in this animated version.  And Harold, the loveable, happy go lucky dog, enjoys Bannicula’s company both in the books and TV show.  Together, they navigate the strange and mysterious happenings that always seem to migrate towards Bannicula. Set in New Orleans, this TV series drops us into the chaotic and spooky world of Bannicula.  Since the family lives next door to a magic shop, and since Bannicula is supernatural himself, many strange creatures and ghosts always seem to find their way to this trio who always have to work together to find a way to solve their problems without letting their loving owner, Mina, know.  This of course, creates some funny and crazy antics that had me laughing out loud.


I really enjoyed the funny stories and the way the characters interact with each other.  Chester is always stressed out, Harold never knows what’s going on, and Bannicula just does as he likes.  But, through it all, we learn that it’s important to love others for who they are, helping one another is important, and that family comes to us in many forms.  So, I feel this is a great show for children to learn these lessons in a very fun and out of the box way. Additionally, the art and animation is very well done.  As most of the action happens at night time (remember he’s a vampire bunny who doesn’t go out during the day) the colors and lighting making everything easy to see.  Adults will also enjoy hearing some familiar voices and some funny one-liners that children may not catch.


Overall, this series is a lot of fun and deserves a bushel full of carrots! Grab your copy of Bunnicula: Season 1 Part 1 available now on DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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