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Cantinflas: Dos Peliculas 

                     review by Drusilla Blakey

Cantinflas movies released on DVD – weeee

Growing up in a Latin home, Cantinflas was always part of our family.  Each weekend we would gather around the TV and watch a movie with one of our favorite characters.  Mario Moreno’s portrayal of this super witty and fast talking character was so fun and memorable.  As a child, he was just “Cantinflas” to me and it wasn’t until the 2014 ‘Cantinflas’ movie came out that I actually realized all he had done!

So, I was super excited to receive these new DVD releases of some of his popular movies.  Even as a child, the comedy and ‘lesson to be learned’ was not lost on me.  So as I sat down to rewatch some of these heartfelt films, I was happy to see that the movie was still funny, emotional, touching and that the issues being dealt with were still relevant today.


One DVD includes the movies ‘El Señor Doctor’ and ‘El Profe’.  Both are pretty emotional and moving films and El Profe is still a favorite as it deals with music and the right to education which are things I’m very passionate about. The other DVD includes one of my most favorite Cantinflas movies ‘Don Quijote”; the funny Mario Moreno version! In my family, the Don Quijote book was a must read.  My dad had read it when he was younger, my mother had read it when in school and I had also read it during high school.  So of course as I was growing up, the story was a family favorite, which is probably why we enjoyed this funny movie version.  


Being able to watch these movies on DVD and in color is amazing after years of stocking away big VHS copies in a closet.  The film looks clear and the colors are nice and brings back memories of sitting around our small little TV all those many years ago.  Fans of Mr. Moreno or his alter ego will surely enjoy watching these gems again and again!

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