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review by Bobby Blakey


Adrien Brody is one of those actors that can fall deep into any role no matter the genre. He has taken on some really interesting characters throughout his career and no matter if the movie worked or not he always kills it. His latest film, Clean he serves up double duty with starring and co-writing the film alongside director Paul Solet and even contributed tot he soundtrack. The film co-stars Glenn Fleshler, Richie Merritt, Chandler Ari Dupont, Mykelti Williamson, RZA, Michelle Wilson and John Bianco. Could this flick offer up yet another memorable role or will it get lost in the trash? 

Clean follows a garbage man who is attempting a quiet life of redemption, like renovating his community's dilapidated homes. He is troubled by a violent past and the loss of his daughter. When a mishap makes him the target of a crime boss, Clean is forced to come to terms with his past as the violence of his previous life is slowly catching up with him.


This is one of those slow burn flicks that you know is going to cut lose at some point, but still limps along building it all up. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it is compelling watching Brody’s Clean go about his life and wondering just what he is planning or dealing with. As things start to unfold it heads into territory familiar with these sorts of films, but instead of making him and unstoppable killing machine he is just very violent with no fear of death. Brody is great here and goes all in. He brings a subtle nuance to this tormented man that speaks volumes of his pain and struggle without saying much at all.


This makes his character even more interesting as you see through a series of flashbacks of what brought him to this point in his life and what he 

struggling with and his true lack of life of death of himself. Once it is time for him to bring all his rage and vengeance to the forefront it is gritty, bloody and violent. Missing here is the flashy chorography and attempt to make cool action and in its place is just rage killing and it works to perfection.


I really dug this film, but I know the slow pacing may lose some. You just have to let it dig in and unfold as it leads into the coming violence that makes it all worth it. Decide for yourself and check out Clean available now on Blu-ray and DVD.

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