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Cyberfrog: Blood Honey                   review by Bobby Blakey


For years Ethan Van Sciver was a mainstay at DC Comics bringing his insanely beautiful art to the Green Lantern and many more. I was a fan long before that with from his creator owned book Cyberfrog through Harris Comics in the 90s. A couple of years ago he took to the crowdfunding world to bring back the awesome amphibian for an all-new book called Cyberfrog: Blood Honey. It took a bit to finally get its release and now that it’s here was it worth the way or should it hop back into the swamp and stayed gone?


If you have never read any of the original series have no fear as this new book kick starts it all with a new origin story to let anyone dive right in. This time around the book follows Cyberfrog and his brother Salamandroid as they fight to save the planet from invaders. Before diving into this review I want to be clear that this isn’t about Comicsgate or anything else for that matter other than the comic itself. I have been a fan for years and even had the chance to meet Van Sciver to get all my original issues signed at a con years ago so while I may not agree with his political beliefs or the comicsgate stance I believe in quality work.


Finally getting to sit down and read this book I was torn if I should read the original series again first before diving in and decided to just let this one stand on its own. I am always concerned with getting things off these kinds of campaigns, but I have to say that this book delivers. The story not only retells the origin it steps it up to make it more interesting with more depth to develop the character in a bigger

and better way without losing the core character. I love the addition to Salamandroid that not only gives Cyberfrog someone to fight alongside, but also a family dynamic to grow on.


There is no argument regarding Van Sciver’s art skills but here he might have delivered his best work. You can see the passion in his work and is far and away amazing on all counts. It’s filled with action and vibrant colors that are a treat to the eyes and keeps you looking over the page to find every detail that was painstakingly added. He took on all the fun crazy poses we all loved from the original runs and smashed them into your face as they explode on every page. I cannot tell you how much I loved this book and sorry that I waited so long to get my copy.


Sadly this isn’t one you can run out to your local comic shop to pick up but he has reopened the Indigogo campaigns a couple of times I believe to give people other chances that missed out. I was lucky to get one of the line art variant’s but alas now wishing I had gotten one of the standard color covers as well. With this books success it looks to be just the beginning with the campaign coming soon for the follow-up Cyberfrog: Rekt Planet and I believe a collected edition of all the original stuff called Warts and All.

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