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Saban Films announces Darkness of Man on DVD

I am an unapologetic Jean Claude Van Damme fan. I will watch anything he does and of course recognize some haven’t worked. With a resume including great action films including Bloodsport, Lionheart, Timecop, Hard Target, Replicant and so many more, he can bring the action with the right project. His latest film Darkness of Man features a great supporting cast including Kristanna Loken, Emerson Min, Spencer Breslin with Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones and Shannen Doherty from Fortress director James Cullen Bressack at the helm.

Darkness of Man follows Russell Hatch, a washed up, former Interpol operative who vowed to protect the son of an informant killed years earlier in a raid gone wrong. When merciless street gangs start an all-out turf war and the kid is caught in the middle, Hatch will stop at nothing to keep him safe and fight anyone who gets in his way.


You can check out Darkness of Man available now on digital and then hitting DVD on June 4th from Saban Films.

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