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Dead Shack review by Bobby Blakey

Dead Shack_edited.jpg

Being someone who loves all things horror I tend to watch almost anything I can find in the genre. Sadly there are more bad than good, but every so often a fun one comes along that offers up that bloody mess fans love. The latest Dead Shack looks to do just that with an interesting twist on the zombie film, but could it bring anything new to the table and be worth rising from the dead or should it have kept the door to the shack locked?


Dead Shack follows Jason, a shy teenager who’s driving up to a cabin in the woods with his brash best friend Colin, Colin’s older sister, Summer, and their father and step-mother, Roger and Lisa, who are permanently stuck in party mode. But things quickly go south when Jason, Colin and Summer witness their neighbor feeding two locals to her undead husband and kids. Realizing their own potential fate, the kids must work together to bash in some zombie skulls and save themselves from the neighbor’s ghoulish family. I knew nothing about this movie going in which was perfect for making it work fairly well.


The cast are pretty hit and miss, but they fully capture the annoying nature of the horror genre teens that inhabit these kinds of films. They weren’t so bad that you can’t get into the movie, but they are pretty annoying through the first half. Thankfully once it gets past all the initial annoyance it picks up once the carnage begins. There are some great gory moments that pull no punches to fully embrace the R rating. As it moves forward the blood continues to flow complete with exploding heads, smashed skulls and ripping flesh that will no doubt entertain the gore hounds out there.


This film isn’t bringing anything overly new to the genre and if you can get past the first half nonsense of the film then you will have a lot of fun here. They never take it overly serious which makes for a gory good time. If you are a horror fan and love lots of blood then give Dead Shack a chance and decide for yourself.

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