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Detective Knight: Redemption                   review by Bobby Blakey

Detective Knight Redemption.jpg

Despite his announcement retirement due to health issues Bruce Willis seems to still have projects making their way into the world. The latest is the second installment of his Detective Knight trilogy aptly titled Detective Knight: Redemption. The film co-stars Lochlyn Munro, Corey Large, Miranda Edwards, Beau Mirchoff, and Paul Johansson. Could it offer up the action fans hope for from Willis or will it fail to find redemption?

After the events of Rogue, Detective James Knight is in prison for the murders of Winna and Brigga. During the Christmas season, Knight gets caught up in the middle of a jailbreak, led by a violent fanatic named Ricky Conlan (a.k.a. The Christmas Bomber) and his Santa Claus disciples. He strikes a deal to take out the terrorists in exchange for his reinstatement. With the bomber's henchmen terrorizing the city, Knight must seek justice.

I so wanted this film to deliver, but after seeing the first film I knew I had to keep my expectations lowered. I give them credit for developing an entire trilogy to this character that would have been the perfect big budget franchise for Willis back in the day, but the lower budget and overall forgettable nature just makes it more meh than anything else.

The story is a mixed bag a game of cat and mouse with elements of a heist film and a religious cult. It is just too much all over the place at times keeping it from ever really finding anything that can help drive it outside of Willis and he is obviously not at the top of his game. I will say that this is not like a lot of the films he has done in the last few years with just quick cameos as he is front and center it just doesn’t help the film all that much.

This plays exactly like the film that it is being a straight to home video lower budget release and it shows. There are elements that manage to feel bigger, but

it just never has that big moment to get it out of the average at best. It does rely on you seeing the first film in the series Detective Knight: Rogue as the entire story hinges on that films outcome.

I still love Willis and knowing what he is going through I sympathize and will support whatever he does until he officially has no more projects coming due to his announced retirement. This is sadly not doing much for his film legacy, but props to him and the filmmakers at trying to do something while dealing with the struggles he has to endure.

Decide for yourself and check out Detective Knight: Redemption available now on Blu-ray and DVD. Be sure to also check out Detective Knight: Rogue available now on Blu-re and DVD and the final film in the series Detective Knight: Independence in Theaters, On Demand and Digital on January 20, 2023 from Lionsgate.

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