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Die Hart 2: Die Harter               review by Bobby Blakey

For years Kevin Hart has been delivering the laughs on the stage and big screen. He has starred in numerous action comedies but most of the time is stuck as the comedy foil to everything. In 2020 he teamed up with John Travolta for the hilarious original series Die Hart that streamed exclusively on the short lived Quibi service. The series has since been piucked up for an all-new season on Roku with Die Hart 2: Die Harter. The new season co-stars Nathalie Emmanuel (returning from season 1), Ben Schwartz, Paula Pell and John Cena.

In Die Hart 2: Die Harter, after achieving his dream of becoming a bona fide action hero in Die Hart, Kevin Hart now wants to cement his legacy as the greatest action star of all time. He’s developed a concept for a revolutionary movie where the action is so unscripted and unexpected that even Kevin won’t know what’s coming next. But Kevin’s myopic dream comes with a blind spot, and he soon finds himself the victim of an evil revenge plot, orchestrated by someone from his past. Kevin must enlist the help of his favorite co-star Jordan King, his over-eager assistant Andre, Andre’s mom Cynthia, and legendary Hollywood stuntman Mr. 206 if he wants to survive.


The first season of Die Hart was hilarious and has since been reassembled on Prime as a full feature. The hilarious interactions between Hart and Travolta was a ton of fun to watch, but was there more there to keep the series going? This new season elevates Hart’s now action status to new heights as he still wants more. The world of Hollywood serves the perfect ongoing story to keep a tale like this going and while this one didn’t fully capture the same magic throughout as the original season it is still a lot of fun.


This time around they brought just as many laughs and laughs with some

elements bigger and better. They also went in a way more ridiculous direction at times that might not work for everyone. Sure there is an eye role inducing element to the story of it all, but also still funny to watch and ends up being a catalyst to possibly do another season. Everyone here seems to be having a good time per usual with Cena once again bringing his comedy chops to a weird character and succeeding.


I love this concept and how it is put together and glad it is being released like this as it just works better in this format. Not sure how well it would play out as a theatrical release and likely allows them to just have some fun with it being released as a short form series. I hope we get another season because despite its flaws it is still entertaining.  


Return to the world of Kevin Hart’s rise to action star status with the second season aptly titled Die Hart 2: Die Harter streaming now on the Roku Channel. You can also catch up on the first season on Roku as well as the full feature version on Prime Video now.

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