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   Drawn Together:

The Complete Series

             review by Bobby Blakey

Over the years there have been plenty of adult themed animated series but few that have taken to levels like Comedy Centrals’ Drawn Together. The series featured a great voice cast including Adam Corolla, Tara Strong, Jess Harnell, Cree Summer, James Arnold Taylor, Abbey DiGregorio, and Jack Plotnick and offered up a fun variety of animated styles. The show ran for three seasons before debuting a feature film in 2010. Now the entire series and film are coming home in one set with Drawn Together: The Complete Collection.


Drawn Together follows television’s first “animated reality show” that throws together eight cartoon archetypes, including a party-hearty superhero, a naive princess prone to singing, and a sexually ambiguous anime hero, in a house where cameras are on them all the time. As with most other reality shows, conflict ensues. This is one of those shows that is way over the top in the best way possible with each episode more clever than the last. The cast of characters are all familiar from their respected genre while still being original characters. Everyone will have some of them that they connect with from their childhood as they completely violate everything they were in the most hilarious awesome way possible.


As the show progressed it veered a bit away from the reality aspect and just let their in house adventures be what they were. The animation is great old school style and the mixed look of it all really makes it stand out as something more original than anything else before or since. As over the top as the series was they went all out when they debuted the feature film aptly titled The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! This cleverly written finale to the series was pure disgusting and perverted brilliance. They perfectly added the cancelation of the series and the unrated direction right into the storyline and made it stand out as it should being bigger and bolder than the series itself.


This maintains as one of my favorite animated series of all time and while it may not work for everyone there is no denying that they pulled no punches and gave little crap about offending anyone and watering down what made the show so great. This collection offers up all three uncensored seasons, the feature film, commentary, interviews and more. Whether you are a hardcore fan or missed when the show was on this is the perfect set for everyone that loves great adult animation so be sure to grab your copy of Drawn Together: The Complete Collection available now on DVD from Comedy Central and Paramount Home Entertainment.

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