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   Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man

                     The Complete Series

                                                       review by Bobby Blakey

Through the years there have been some interesting and often times insane animated series over the years. In 1995 Everett Peck’s Dark Horse Comic Duckman: Private Dick / Family Man got the animated treatment for an all-new series on the USA Network. The show featured the voices of Nancy Travis, Greg Berger, Dweezil Zappa, Elizabeth Daily and Jason Alexander in the title role of Duckman. Now fans of the show or those that never got to see it, CBS and Paramount are bringing the complete series home.

Duckman follows Private Dick, family man. He’s crude. He’s rude. He’s lewd. Yes, he’s the total dick: Duckman the slovenly, smart-mouthed, private eye ladies don’t like and men don’t want to be like. Together with Cornfed, his portly, porcine partner in crime solving, this defective detective amazingly manages to solve crimes and be a single parent to his hilariously dysfunctional sons at the same time. From the artwork alone, which I love you can tell that this show is something all its own. I remember watching it when it first aired and couldn’t imagine that it would ever work, but surprising it got four seasons and deserved more. The show is hilarious, quirky and out right wrong on some levels and makes for some great laughs.

Jason Alexander was perfectly cast for the role bringing a unique yet recognizable voice to Duckman that fully captures his essence. The supporting cast all do a great job as well, but it’s the animation style that really makes it stand out. Some elements remind me of Rocko’s Modern Life with a brilliant messy tone to it. This gives it a visual voice as well that set it apart from really anything else that was on at that time and probably since. I loved every episode and felt they just kept getting better, and who knows in the world we live in now maybe there is a chance to revisit the character at some point.

This collection features all 71 episodes of all 4 seasons of the series as well as bonus content including promo spots, animatics, featurettes and more. Grab your copy of Duckman: Private Dick / Family Man – The Complete Series available now on DVD from CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment.

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