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Paramount Presents: Fatal Attraction                            review by Bobby Blakey


Paramount has a long history with some iconic films in their vast library. Now they are digging into that library and offering up a new selection of releases in their Paramount Presents collection. The latest getting the treatment is the 1987 film Fatal Attraction starring Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer.


Fatal Attraction follows happily married New York lawyer Dan Gallagher who has an affair with his colleague Alex, and the two enjoy a love weekend while Dan's wife and kid are away. But Alex will not let go of him, and she will stop at nothing to have him for herself. Just how far will she go to get what she wants?


Honestly I thought I had seen this movie, but clearly I had never watched it all the way through. That is the beauty of these kind of collections it offers you the chance to revisit films you might otherwise not been on your radar. I knew most of the iconic moments, but found it to feel like a whole new movie. This is a film that racked up a ton of award nominations upon its release and it holds up just as well today.


The story has been done to death since then and possibly before, but there is just something here that makes it stand out. No doubt it is first and foremost the performances that are insanely good across the board. It’s amazing how simplistic the story really is yet packs so much depth as it intensifies. It is no surprise that Glenn Close was nominated for best actress as she steals the film. The quickness that things go from steamy to insane is scary in that it offers up the simple reminder that you never know who you might be dealing with.


I really enjoyed diving into this film for the first time. There aren’t a whole lot of films that I have not seen at this point especially ones of this level. If you have never seen this film then this is your chance to check it out and should not be missed. Filled with great performances and a real life scary premise it will make you rethink getting too close to that person you may not know as well as you think.    


These new releases from the Paramount archive feature a new 4K transfer of the film, bonus content and exclusive collectible packaging. Grab your copy of the Paramount Presents: Fatal Attraction available now from Paramount Home Entertainment.   

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