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40th Anniversary Edition 4K                   review by Bobby Blakey

These days everyone knows Kevin Bacon from so many different films, or the game based on him 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Before reaching the iconic status, he put in his dues like every other young actor with his early appearance in the original Friday the 13th among other things, but it was his starring role in the 1984 film Footloose that changed everything. The film co-stars Lori Singer, Dianne Wiest, John Lithgow, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the late Chris Penn from Steel Magnolias director Herbert Ross. Now to celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary Paramount is bringing the film to 4K for the first time ever.

Footloose follows city-boy Ren McCormick is new to an uptight small town where dancing has been banned. Ren quickly makes a new best friend in Willard and falls fast for the minister's daughter, but his love for music and dancing gets him into hot water equally as fast.  

To be honest I was never a big fan of this flick when I was younger as I just thought the premise was just dumb. It wasn’t until later that I had heard that there was some truth to the story it was based on that I was more open to the

idea even though it still seems like a ridiculous premise.


Over the years, I have come to appreciate the film more and looked forward to watching it again with new eyes. I have to admit though during his important speech to the counsel all I could think about was Benjy from Howard Stern when he recreated the exact same speech in front of a random city council meeting to hilarious results.

Upon a new viewing for this release, I found myself enjoying the film way more than I had previously. I still think the story is silly, but it leans into it and is trying to bring a narrative to the forefront about more than just dancing. The cast is great and loved getting to see Chris Penn on screen again in one of his earliest roles. The dance sequences are well executed and timed to the story without feeling crowbarred all the time.

Bacon is great here and you can see there is a star there and it’s no wonder he is so beloved today.

The rest of the cast is great as well, bringing fun, laughs, heart, love dancing and an excellent soundtrack to the mix and you have a great flick worth celebrating a 40th anniversary.

In addition to the newly 4K remastered edition of the film, this release offers up bonus content including commentary, interviews, trailer, featurettes and more. Put on your dancing shoes and grab your copy of Footloose 40th Anniversary Edition 4K available now from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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