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Forever Knight: The Complete Series                           review by Drusilla Blakey


Mill Creek continues to bring classic films and TV shows back to the market with all new sets and editions. The latest is the vampire crime drama Forever Knight that ran from 1992-1996 on CBS and USA. There has been a previous release of the series, but Mill Creek is bringing it together in one compact set that is perfect for fans.


Before Buffy or Angel, we had...Nick Knight!  Nick is a 13th century vampire living in modern-day Toronto. He's a police officer trying to do good and make up for all the bloodshed of his past.  Throughout the story we see Nick's growth from complete isolationism to slowly learning to let people in and having friends.  That to me is what the story is really about as Nick has a lot of trauma he is trying to overcome. His journey causes him to evolve and grow and shows us that you can get it right in only one lifetime.


The stories of the show center on typical cop drama but do incorporate flashbacks of Nick's previous live and in essence help him resolve issues from both now and then.  I do feel that sometimes the flashbacks can feel a bit repetitive.  How is it possible that for every case, Nick has something in his past that just happens to seem similar..? hmmm  But luckily there are bigger overshadowing story arch’s that help keep the series moving forward.


Overall, this continues to be one of my favorite 'old school' shows.  I enjoy most vampire dramas and although the series feels a bit dated, the stories and themes do hold up okay.  I think you'll fall in love with Nick, beautifully portrayed by Geraint Wyn Davies and his BFF Dr. Natalie Lambert, Catherine Disher.  You'll also get to see some familiar and very young faces pop up in different episodes here and there.  Plus with all the back and forth in the stories, you do get to see some amazing costumes which I personally enjoy.


Grab your copy of Forever Knight: The Complete Series available now from Mill Creek Entertainment.


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