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From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series 

                     Season Three

                                           review by Bobby Blakey

When Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarantino teamed up for the film From Dusk Till Dawn back in 1996 who would have thought it would have become a major franchise. The film series spawned two sequels in 1999 and 2000 before being turned into a TV series for Rodriguez’s El Rey Network. Recently it wrapped up its 3rd season and now it’s coming home for fans to revisit the world of Mesoamerican mythology with From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Complete Third Season.

This season follows Seth and Richie as they continue to fight their way through the chilling world of culebras, the vampire-snake hybrids that control hidden empires in Texas and Mexico. After stumbling into a bar full of bloodsuckers and bandits, they encountered the vampire goddess Santánico, joining her cause to settle an old score, and it won them a place in the culebra world.  Now that world is on the verge of violent and destructive explosion as new enemies hell-bent on domination gather to take them down.  But, in typical Gecko fashion, Seth and Richie assemble an unlikely crew (some new, some old) to take on the forces of hell. This season featured the returning cast including D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Eiza González, Jesse Garcia, Madison Davenport, Brandon Soo Hoo, Emily Rios and Jake Busey. New cast joining the third season are: Ana de la who will have a recurring role as Lord Venganza Verdugo, one of the seven remaining culebra Lords; Marko Zaror as Zolo, an Aztec warrior trained in Hell; Tom Savini as Burt, a retired demon hunter who smokes more medical marijuana than he sells; Maurice Compte as Brasa, a mysterious Rasputin-like figure who takes on the Gecko brothers; and Nicky Whelan.

I am a big fan of the original film so was a bit skeptical with this series but after seeing the first two seasons I was all in. This show pulls no punches and has taken the story of the Gecko brothers to a whole new level. This is no longer just about their survival but a while world that has been created featuring a wide range of memorable characters both human and supernatural. I loved the use of practical effects with some of the creatures and allowing the buckets of blood to flow freely here without pulling any punches. As a martial artist and fan of all things in the genre I was excited to see the addition of Marko Zaror whose character allows him to showcase his badass talents and makes for one of the best new characters in the show.

I’m not sure if this is the final season or not, but it felt like they used every moment of this season to its full potential to bring it to a satisfying close. I obviously hope for more, but this season made sure to crank up the body count and violence so that there is no way you will feel like you didn’t get everything you could want out of a show like this. Whether you are a fan of the original film or not, this is a great genre series that stands all on its own and will give you all the gory fun you can stomach right up until the end. Grab your copy of From Dusk Till Dawn: Season Three as well as the previous two seasons available now on Blu-ray and DVD from eOne Entertainment, Miramax and El Rey Network.

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