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review by Bobby Blakey


I love a good horror thriller and especially with one focusing on a seemingly normal person that turns out to be nuts. The latest, Greta comes from Byzantium and Interview With A Vampire director Neil Jordan and stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Isabelle Hubbert, Maika Monroe, Colm Feore, and Stephen Rea. Could this offer up something new to the genre to help it stand out or will it not be worth returning the lost purse?

Greta follows a young woman who befriends a lonely widow who's harboring a dark and deadly agenda towards her. I thought the trailers for this movie looked intriguing but at the same time felt it might be giving too much away right off the bat. I am fine knowing of the craziness of a character if they are going to be doing some wacked out stuff to keep you interested, but sadly this movie is a bit of a hit and miss.

The story is fine and works for what they are trying to do, but is so predictable it loses any of its potential mystery. It appears they were trying to go for some camp with the tone, but it never really seemed to me it found the right balance between that and the thriller aspect. Moretz was good here, but her character is so gullible and clueless it makes it hard for you to really feel sorry for her. The same can be said for most of the rest of the cast as they all make dumb decisions that had me shaking my head. Hubbert is the one stand out here as she shifts between elegant to zany and looks to be having fun in the role.

The first half of the film was pretty slow with little to nothing happening. Every time it seemed like something was fixing to go down it tended to lead nowhere. Finally in the third act it picks up a bit but still suffers from more build up than actual payoff. There are some great moments including Hubbert doing a bizarre dance and a chopped off finger but they get bogged down in the mundane of it all. In the end I did enjoy it overall, but it really goes nowhere and outside of Hubbert’s greatness there is really very little that happens right up until the very end.

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