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    Gridiron Gang Collector’s Edition              review by Bobby Blakey

Over the years Dwayne Johnson has made the transition from the iconic Championship WWE wrestler The Rock into an action icon who of late has become the savior of franchises. While he is still tearing up the cinemas with his varying action roles, his turn as a football coach in Gridiron Gang gave him a chance to step out and show his real acting chops. While it has been released on Blu-ray already, Mill Creek Entertainment is re-releasing the film with an all-new collector’s edition.

If you never saw this film it follows supervisor and former football player Sean Porter at a juvenile detention center who sees a lack of discipline self-esteem, union and perspective in the teenage interns and proposes to prepare a football team to play in one league. Up until this point in his career Dwayne Johnson had set himself up as an action star, but with this film he was given the chance to bring some drama to his performance and proved that he was going to be more than just an action star. This is a great film that brings the fun and excitement of football together with a great inspirational story. While a lot of people could have taken on the role, this was the first that really showed Johnson had the makings of a real A-list star with talent and he brought the charisma and physicality to the role needed to make it all the better. The supporting cast including Xzibit, Kevin Dunn, and Leon Rippy as well as a great group of young actors bringing together a film that is inspiring, fun, and heartwarming all at once.

If you haven’t checked this film out now is your chance to see Johnson do more than shoot people and lay the smack down like only he can. Sure this movie has been released a few times already, but one that is worth revisiting and thanks to the affordable price of this latest re-release fans can now bring it home. In addition to the film this new release includes bonus content including deleted scenes, commentary, featurettes and the original 1992 documentary “Gridiron Gang”. Grab your copy when it hits Blu-ray on June 5th from Mill Creek Entertainment.

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