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The Complete Original Series                     review by Bobby Blakey


Periodically Warner Bros dips into their archive to rerelease classic shows and movies. The latest to get the Blu-ray treatment is the 1967 cult classic Herculoids: The Complete Original Series.

Herculoids follows the Herculoids. Humanoid Zandor — along with his wife, Tara, and son, Dorno who leads a group of unique creatures: Zok the flying dragon, powerful simian Igoo (who has rocklike skin), rhinoceros hybrid Tundro and two protoplasmic wonders appropriately named Gloop and Gleep. Together, they use their diverse super-strengths to defend their utopian planet against attack from such sinister invaders as the Pod Creatures, the Reptons and the Mutoids. For total family entertainment, this 18-episode, 3-disc collection is out of this world, literally.

Any given Saturday morning youc an bet I was glued to the set to catch Thundarr the Barbarian, Space Ghost, Mightor and one of my personal favorites The Herculoids. To say I was excited to revisit planet Quasar is an understatement, but anytime I dive back into these old shows I am always concerned that they may not hold up. What’s so great about these old Hanna-Barbara sci-fi and superhero shows is that they are so unique in their own look and feel that they stay fresh despite their age.

After sitting down and diving right back in I can say I still love this show. This and Mightor were ones that just worked for me and a lot of it is the varying creatures. Herculoids has some of the coolest with Zok, Igoo, Tundro and Gloop and Gleep. I loved their looks and seeing them in action as a kid and I still love them to this day. Seeing them recently pop up in Space Jam: A New Legacy had me all kinds of happy.

This is a typical show of the time with each episode showcasing the same format of a villain to fight and the Herculoids taking them out. Despite it never

really stepping its game up outside of the usual tropes it maintains its fun throughout. I love these characters and the simplicity of the art style and think it’s a property that not only holds up but deserves to be revisited ASAP. If you love these old shows then the Herculoids are a must have for any collection.

Grab your copy of Herculoids: The Complete Original Series available now on Blu-ray from Warner Bros Home Entertainment.

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