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Eli Roth’s History of Horror                         Season 1

                               review by Bobby Blakey

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I am a huge fan of all things horror and while I love the movies themselves I think I love the stories behind them even more. One of my favorite horror directors Eli Roth who burst onto the scene with Cabin Fever and then took us to a new level with Hostel brought a new series to TV in 2018 with Eli Roth’s History of Horror.

Eli Roth’s History of Horror follows award-winning horror film director, writer, producer and actor Eli Roth who brings together the masters of horror - the storytellers and stars who define the genre - to explore its biggest themes and reveal the inspirations and struggles behind its past and present. Each one-hour episode will take viewers on a chilling exploration of how horror has evolved through the years and examine the genre's impact on society as well as delving into how horror maintains its fan base and why audiences are addicted to fear. Interviewees include Stephen King, Quentin Tarantino, Linda Blair and many others.

Each episode of the show focuses on a different subgenre of horror complete with interviews with varying cast, crew and fans of the films that makes for some fun stories and insight. There is an ongoing round table that features Roth with The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero and Rob Zombie that is so much great listening them reflect on what influenced them and their thoughts on each film and subgenre. Each of them have great stories to share and it really helps to give the series a focus outside of just the intertwining film clips and interviews.

The vast backgrounds to the films and inspirations that brought these films to life as well and the controversies and elements that brought them into new generations makes for one compelling episode after the other. Even if you aren’t a fan of horror it still serves as a great piece to tell film history to one of the biggest genres out there. I loved also hearing stories of how these films helped people in unexpected ways in their real life which shows the impact any kind of film can have on someone.

This collection features not only the complete first season, but also over 2 hours of bonus features consisting of five featurettes and extended interviews with Stephen King, Edgar Wright, Quentin Tarantino, Diablo Cody, Roger Corman, John Landis and Joe Dante.

Grab your copy of Eli Roth’s History of Horror when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on October 6th from RLJE Films and Shudder.

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