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Hollow Point   review by Bobby Blakey


Luke Goss has been kicking ass on the big screen for years with his memorable roles in Blade II and Hellboy II. Since then he has been leading the charge in films like the Death Race series, The Hard Way and a too many others to name. His latest, Hollow Point co-stars Dilan Jay, Jay Mohr, JuJu Chan, Michael Paré, and Bill Duke, but does it bring more of the drama and action fans expect or will it fail to hit its mark?

Hollow Point follows a grieving man who finds himself caught up in a war between a group of charismatic vigilantes and the crime that infests their city when his wife and daughter are senselessly murdered. This is pretty much your run of the mill action thriller flicks, but with some interesting twists and turns to the story. It isn’t anything you haven’t really seen before, but still manages to have a little something for everyone.

I love all things Luke Goss so I am no doubt jaded but just dig his vibe in everything he is in. He brings that old school action hero vibe to his roles and even when he is doing straight up drama it is still there in his swag. There aren’t as many straight up fight scenes this time around and focuses more on the gun play, but whats here is great. There is one fight specifically featuring Goss that is the highlight of the film. It adds the needed layer to his character to tell you who he really is.

The rest of the cast are fine, but have to admit some are a bit hit and miss. The one I was surprised worked more than I had expected was that of Jay Mohr. Most notably in his career for the comedy, he has taken on a variety of dramatic roles before, but this is the first time I have seen him as a bad guy and he does a great job. Where the film struggles is the generic tone and often times feels like it holds back when it could have gone all in. This may be a budget thing, but I just wanted more.

There is nothing wrong with the film as it entertains as general action thriller that will no doubt find its audience. I am always entertained by Goss and he is good here has well so maybe I am biased, but in the end the film entertained.

Decide for yourself and check out Hollow Point available now from Vertical Entertainment.

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