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Hotel Artemis    review by Bobby Blakey

There have been some really great action movies getting released lately, but few have knocked it out of the park like the first two chapters in the John Wick franchise. That series offers up a special hotel for the assassins to safely come together making for a deeper level. Now a new film is looking to bring their own unique take on a similar aspect with Hotel Artemis, but does it offer up the action or is it not worth checking into?

Hotel Artemis follows near-future riot-torn Los Angeles where The Nurse runs a secret, members-only hospital for criminals. The film features an insanely awesome cast including Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Brian Tyree Henry, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Day and Dave Batista and they do not disappoint. This is one of those kind of quirky movies that won’t work for everyone, but I was all in. The story is simple enough and does have some similarities in idea to some other films, but it tries to do its own thing. I think had it had any other cast then it might have fallen into a rut and been something forgettable, but instead we got a fun ride of a film filled with interesting characters and a ton of great moments.

Despite this being a big ensemble, this is Fosters show and she is great here. There is never a moment that you don’t believe that she is running the place, but thanks to some interesting issues with her character it makes her standout while showing some vulnerabilities. By her side is the always fun to watch Bautista who not only brings the expected muscle to the table, but some of the more funny moments. He gets the chance to bring the pain, but more than anything just gets to get some great back and forth with Foster. Everyone gets their own chance to shine and Sterling K. Brown and Sofia Boutella offer up chemistry with each other as well as individual directions that keep the story moving forward.

Boutella continues to take on these powerful female roles that allows her to be feminine and beautiful, but when the time comes she unleashes the fury and delivers the best fight sequence of the film. Sadly Goldblum isn’t in the film near as long as I would have wanted, but he is a great character that is only matched by the cast against type Quinto who works well here and always good to see him on screen. I was surprised that there wasn’t as much action, but make no mistake they make up for it at the end of the film with some fun fights and kills.

This flick had an old school vibe with a kind of Tarantino feel that let the characters just inhabit this world. Everyone gets their moment to shine and despite the lack of action I found it way more fun just watching these characters interact at a fast pace. If you are looking to see something different and just a ton of fun then check out Hotel Artemis.

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