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How to Get Away With Murder

 The Complete Second Season

                                           by Bobby Blakey

After a great season Viola Davis returned for another season of the hit series How To Get Away With Murder. After the mysteries of the first season it was sure to shake up things for the second season. In case you missed it or just want to rejoin the case with How To Get Away With Murder the complete second season on DVD.

In this season Frank, Bonnie and the “Keating Five” dive into a docket of daunting new cases. Meanwhile, the shocking discovery of who killed Rebecca leads into the mystery of who shot Annalise. But instead of answers, this stunning development will set the stage for a series of shocking secrets, bitter betrayals and gasp-worthy revelations that will prove beyond all reasonable doubt, that under the right circumstances, anyone can be a killer. Much like the first season the story is told through flashbacks and the current timeline so you learn that these students are connected through more than just the classroom. After the events of last season you would think things couldn’t get worse for everyone on this show, but that is quickly proven wrong as this story progresses. As all of this is happening they are still forced to focus on various other cases throughout the season that keeps the tone of the courtroom drama as the forefront to the series. There is a lot going on in the show and if you don’t focus you could get lost, but it’s not because it is convoluted, but instead because of it being so compelling.

The cast all do a great job, but it is Viola Davis who carries the show to perfection. Her character is awesome to watch and throughout the series they evolve and devolve her through different situations all while allowing her to be a strong female character. This season she gets to show more vulnerability as you find out more about her past along with the events of both this season and last come together. The stories continue to be compelling and deliver just enough twists and turns to keep you guessing all while keeping you interested. The cases are just as fun to watch as the mystery behind the scenes making for one of the better court themed series in some time. As expected this season offers up numerous moments that set up more mysteries for the next season making you fully invested for the near future.

This is a well written, great acted series with everything you could want in this sort of drama. Viola Davis continues to be a powerhouse on screen and will no doubt continue to do so in future seasons. In addition to all 15 episodes of the seasons this collection includes deleted scenes and bloopers showcasing some fun behind the scenes. Step into the class room and courtroom and grab your copy of How To Get Away With Murder the complete second season available now on DVD.

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