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Insidious: The Last Key

                    review by Bobby Blakey

Back in 2010 the team that brought my favorite franchise to life SAW of James Wan and Leigh Whannell teamed up to bring a new twist on the horror franchise with Insidious. The film brought back an old school vibe and spawned a sequel with Insidious 2 in 2013. The success of that film brought a new chapter with Insidious 3 in 2015 that served as a prequel to the first two films. Now they are continuing this prequel story for the latest chapter Insidious: The Last Key starring Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson, Kirk Acevedo, Josh Stewart, Bruce Davidson, and Spencer Locke, but does it offer up more of the same creepy old school horror or will it fail to make it through the red door?

Insidious: The Last Key follows parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier who faces her most fearsome and personal haunting yet in her own family home. This time around we got The taking of Deborah Logan director and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Adam Robitell at the helm. I was a bit concerned going in if they were going to be able to keep up the clever storytelling working to keep everything cohesive, but thankfully they did a pretty good job with it. First and foremost I have to let my dislike with the opening title reveal. In the previous films they have always slammed it onto the screen suddenly backed by an insanely loud orchestra of violins that really slapped you in the face in the best way possible. This entry is the first one that doesn’t do that and it was instantly noticeable. That is a stable of the franchise for me and sets the tone, but here it just felt average. Maybe it was due to the subtitle to the film as opposed to just being part 4, but it really bummed me out and was missed.

Thankfully the rest of the movie was still successful on a lot of levels. I haven’t found any of these films really scary, but they make sure to keep the creep factor intact and interesting throughout. This series has kind of become more about Elise played to perfection by the always awesome Lin Shaye and this entry brings it all full circle in the best way possible. This time around you get even more insight into the world and history of Elise and her gifts. They have carefully treaded the line to connect everything throughout this franchise and they did so once again with this entry that lives up to the title in numerous ways and looks to be the official final film in the series. The character of Specks played great by series writer and creator Leigh Whannel and Tucker played with funny and creepier than  ever by Angus Sampson were given so much more to do and a lot of fun as always.

There are some great funny moments, jump scares for some, a creepy demon and most of all Lin Shaye knocking it out of the park once again. I always love more entries into these kinds of franchises, but this is one that I think should allow this one to cap it because it is just too perfect in the way it connects to it all. If you are a fan of the franchise then you will no doubt enjoy this one, but it is unlikely that it will change your mind if you aren’t already.

In addition to the film this release also includes bonus content including an alternate ending, deleted scenes, featurettes and a the recap of the franchise “Dive Into the Insidious Universe”. Step back into the further with Insidious: The Last Key available now on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Home Entertainment.

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