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review by Bobby Blakey


I have been a big fan of martial arts action star Marko Zaror since seeing him in Undisputed 3. Since then he has been kicking major ass in flicks like Machete Kills and Redeemer, which I love and heading into the world of John Wick. Now he is going head to head with Johnny Strong in their latest film Invincible co-starring Michael Paré and Sally Kirkland from Asian Connection and Hollow Point director Daniel Zirilli. Could this flick bring the promised unstoppable action or will it fail to live up to its title?

Invincible follows a secret military site where injured soldier Brock is treated with advanced nanotechnology that turns him into an uncontrollable killing machine. Sent to stop the threat, security agent Cam is badly injured in a battle with Brock – but, to save his life, Cam must be implanted with the same technology that turned Brock psychotic and invincible. Will Cam gain the power to stop Brock, or will he become a lunatic menace himself? Intense hand-to-hand combat brings this stylish sci-fi action-thriller to life.

The overall tone of this film reminded me of the 1982 Chuck Norris flick Silent Rage blended with Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren’s 1992 Universal Soldier. This is a great thing to mash-up but sadly the film doesn’t work as well as it could have. The issue isn’t with the stars as both Strong and Zaror kick all kinds of butt, but there are so many things off about the finished film.  

The story is good, but outside of the great premise it really stumbles around trying to be something more. It is filled with strange edits, not so great performances from some of the supporting cast, and CGI that sadly is all to obvious. I usually try to let that go in smaller budget flicks, but since it appears that all the muzzle flashes, blood from gun shots, etc. were all clearly CGI it was too prominent. It takes out some of the believability and not anyone’s fault if that’s what they had to work with just what it is.

For me the selling point was the always great Marko Zaror who brings the action throughout. He says very little, but speaks volumes kicking ass. Anytime he gets to cut lose its great to watch. Strong is good in the action side as well getting his own time to shine and showcase his martial arts abilities. Sure they all come across a bit more choreographed than I would have liked, but still fun to watch.

In the end this isn’t a great movie by any means, but watching just for the action I had hoped for made it worth checking out. Sadly this won’t be enough for most to be worth checking out, but decide for yourself and grab your copy of Invincible available now on DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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